Uni-tech has multiple labs to carry out tests on precision, metal, mechanics, corrosion resistance and defect detection.We possess sufficient inspection and detection capabilities to ensure all our products meet customers’ requirements.

3D inspection Lab/ Precision Measuring Lab
CMM Lab Precision Measuring Lab
Precision Measuring Lab Gravity Force Lab
Precision Measuring Lab Gravity Force Lab

Quality Inspection and Test

● Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM) ● Optical 2.5D Test ● Coaxiality Insepection
● Surface Roughness Inspection ● Hardness Test ● Streamline Test
● Thread Inspection ● Plating Thickness Inspection ● Salt Water Corrosion Resistance Test
● Material Test ● Gravity Force Test ● Torque Test
Production Capacity
Cold/ Hot Forging
Precision Machining
Automobile and Aerospace Parts Production
Quality Management
External and Internal Quality Audits
Supplier Quality Assurance
Total Quality Management
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